I am a bleeding-heart vegan interior designer in New York City who helps people attain gorgeous homes that align with their values. I work with clients to determine their needs and design elegant solutions to optimize the space and function of their homes, while also incorporating and celebrating their stories, their identities, and their aspirations. With my training and experience, I am able to source products that are sustainable, cruelty-free, and compatible with a healthy interior environment. My aesthetic is eclectic, bold, and sophisticated, informed by extensive travel and a love of art.  Your dream home can become a reality without compromising the planet or the design!

– Liz Craig, Principal Designer

“Liz was instrumental in decorating and furnishing two apartments for us in NYC. Because we live elsewhere, a lot of the work had to be done remotely and Liz got us the information and visuals we needed on time (and under budget!). Liz is very organized and detail-oriented, and planned our spaces to look beautiful and function perfectly. Good taste, high touch and fair fees. We absolutely recommend her!” – Alec N.


Complete design, purchasing, tracking, execution – everything.

Hourly design services for targeted projects.

Remote digital design with specific recommendations and links to purchase.

What is Vegan Interior Design?

Veganism is a way of living that excludes, to the extent possible, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals. After you eliminate the meat, eggs, and dairy from your diet, scrutinize your personal care and cosmetic products, and purge your wardrobe of animal products, you might want to take a look around your home (and office and car)…