Every choice matters and makes a difference.

If you’re conscious of your impact in the world, it’s important that your home be ethically and sustainably designed to capture an authentic vibe that resonates throughout with your story and your vision.

At ecc interiors, we collaborate with clients in curating their homes with innovative and unique furnishings that are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and vegan (or vintage) – all while creating a gorgeous, functional home that is intriguing and stylish.

From leading-edge vegan materials to sustainable vintage finds, our designs focus on reimagining your space with an evolved style, taste, and vitality.

We live for designing beautiful homes that blend old and new in a holistic, earth-friendly way that supports your true well-being.


More About Liz Craig

Growing up as the child of diplomats, Liz developed a deep love of travel, language, and culture that continues to inspire her design career today. Her resourceful approach blends sustainability and style to create stunning home designs that are holistic, non-toxic, and unique.

Liz is a member of the Interior Design Society and is accredited with the Sustainable Furnishings Council, the Living In Place Institute, and VeganDesign.org.


  • Full-Service Home Design
  • Furnishing and Finishes Selection
  • Select Service Design for Renovations
  • Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Featured In

Redfin Blog

ecc interiors was selected as a top New York, NY, vegan interior designer to discuss sustainability:  Designing an Eco-Friendly Home | Redfin.

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A Determine-Your-Goals Consultation is a 2-hour in-home meeting where we’ll explore your design vision and begin creating a holistic, stylish design that aligns with your authentic self.

  • Get professional insights to infuse beauty and wellness into your home with sustainable décor;
  • Identify space optimization strategies that support your lifestyle; and 
  • Create a plan to maximize your investment with a statement design that’s unique to you.

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